Advwin Baby Playpen Foldable Toddler Fence Room

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Color: Blue
Size: 18Panels
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As your little one begins to walk and crawl, they are yearning for freedom.

Are you worn out from chasing them about? Tired of constantly saying "No"?

This multi-purpose baby playpen offers a number of features to keep your child safe and interacting and prevents the hassle of you chasing them around all over the house.


  • 62cm Safety Height, Protect Your Kids:Kids can learn how to crawl, walk, or develop overall motor skills in a safe and spacious activity space. 62cm height design makes it not able for babies to climb out and designed for toddlers to fully help the baby to learn to walk, while not leaving the mother's line of sight.
  • Fashion and Puzzle: The Baby indoor fence built-in educational toys to train your baby's vision and hearing, and make your baby happy all day long.
  • Premium Quality and Safe Materials: The Baby safety gate is made of PE with smooth edges and features a safety gate with a double lock to give you greater peace of mind knowing that your little one has a safe area to play in.
  • Flexible Arrangement and Foldable: The clever design rotatable hinges means you can configure the Child fence to any shape to suit your space and needs. You can also make a compact form for space-saving storage and easy portability.
  • Easy to Assemble: No tools required! It is lightweight, easy to put together and take down, without 15 mins

Do Not Worry! I am Safe and Strong: Comes with safety door lock, you don't have to worry that your baby will run out of the Child Safty Gate, and design with narrow gaps and enhanced safety joints to prevent any finger injuries. The Toddler playpen is specially designed with a rubber base underneath to keep it stand sturdy on the floor and not be pushed or dragged by children.

16Panels: Included: [14 x small panel +1 x door penel + 1 x big game panel]
Dimensions: 152*195.5*62cm
Weight: 13.5KG
18Panels: Included: [16 x small panel +1 x door penel + 1 x big game panel]
Dimensions: 195.5*189.5*62cm
Weight: 14.7KG
20Panels: Included: [18 x small panel +1 x door penel + 1 x big game panel]
Dimensions: 189*233.*62cm
Weight: 15.8KG
22Panels: Included: [20 x small panel +1 x door penel + 1 x big game panel]
Dimensions: 227*233*62cm
Weight: 16.8KG

Fence size: 
small panle: 38*62cm
door panle: 76*62cm
big game panle: 76*63cm
Age Range: Available for children over 6 months
General: Material 100% Pure PE
Color: Bule+White/Pink+Green+Gray

Package Included: 

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