Advwin Metal Bed Frame Mattress Platform Foundation

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Size: 138*190*41cm
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Advwin bed frame is made of all metal, and the heavy-duty steel tube center beam ensures support while being durable. The 24 pieces are arranged at optimal width and spacing to evenly distribute the weight, avoiding sagging, breaking, etc., and prolonging the service life of the mattress.

The minimalist design style and snap-on connection provide a noise-free and stable sleeping environment. Secondly, there are few components, and you can simply assemble it by referring to the instruction manual.

The Advwin black metal bed frame is specially designed for you who are still worried about the style of the bed, and can easily bring you a stable sleeping environment.

Sturdy And Durable: This bed frame is made of 1mm thick heavy-duty steel pipe, reinforced center beam and reasonably configured supporting legs, which prolong the service life of the mattress.
Metal Slats: 24 steel slats arranged at optimal width intervals, giving enough support to prevent sagging, no-motion sleep. Bearing 300kg.
Quiet And Stable: All metal material, snap-fit tight connection, no sliding or squeaking.
39cm Under-Bed Storage Space: The 39cm gap under this black metal bed frame provides you with ample valuable storage space.
Easy Installation:All the parts you need are in the box, which can be easily transported, and the built-in easy installation instructions are convenient for you to quickly assemble and use.

Minimalist design
1mm thick heavy steel pipe material
All metal material
24 metal slats
Optimal Width Spaced Slats
Snap-in connection
No noise
Stable without shaking
39cm under bed storage space
Fits standard Australian size mattresses
Bearing 300kg
Easy installation
Easy transport

Size: 91*190*41cm/138*190*41cm/152*203*41cm
Colour: Black
Material: 1mm steel pipe
Slat: Metal tube
Weight capacity: 300kg
Assembly required: Yes

Package Content:
1*Black Metal Bed Frame
1*Installation Instruction

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