Advwin Rabbit Hutch 2 storey Wooden Pet Cage

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Introducing the perfect outdoor home for your furry friend – our high-quality fir wood hutch! Crafted with solid fir wood material, this sturdily built hutch ensures years of use and stability for your furry companion. Designed with an asphalt roofing system that provides ultimate protection against rain, wind, and harmful UV rays, your pet will always stay comfortably dry.

Our hutch is coated with a safe, non-toxic water-based paint, making it waterproof and anti-termite which results in a long-lasting and durable structure that will withstand all weather conditions. Featuring a multi-level design, this hutch is equipped with a playground, resting area, and a special section for sleeping to keep your pets protected and warm during rainy days. The open floor design promotes grazing, ensuring your pets stay healthy and active.

The hutch comes with a built-in, non-slip ramp to ensure easy access within the hutch. With non-toxic galvanized steel wire, this unique feature keeps your pets safe and secure inside while enjoying the fresh air.  A sliding tray design allows for easy cleaning while the door provides effortless accessibility to your furry friend. Each door is fitted with a strong security lock, ensuring your pet stays protected from other animals.


  • Solid fir wood material ensures sturdiness
  • Asphalt roofing protects against rain, wind, and UV rays
  • Coated with safe, non-toxic water-based paint, waterproof and anti-termite
  • Long-lasting and durable structure
  • Multi-level hutch separating the playground/resting area, pets can stay warm & dry in rainning days
  • Open floor design for grazing
  • Built-in non-slip ramp
  • Non-toxic galvanized steel wire
  • Slide out tray for easy cleaning
  • Top lid openable
  • Strong security lock on each door
  • Made of RoHS approved eco-friendly material
  • Vibrant colors that will easily blend into the yard

Colour: Grey
Materials: Wood, Asphalt, Steel Mesh
Overall dimensions: 89.5×45×79.5cm
Coating: Water-based paint
Roofing: Asphalt
Wire: Non-toxic galvanized steel wire

Package Content
1x Pet Hutch
1x Assembly Guide

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