Advwin 10L Mini Fridge Portable Mini Refrigerator

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Advwin Mini Fridge, Meet All Your Needs

Everyone needs a mini-fridge. Expensive whitening essence fails at high temperatures. Want to drink cool drinks on road trips. Need a warmer to keep breast milk warm for lunch in the office...

Advwin small fridge meet all your needs!

Multiple Functions:This temperature-adjustable 10L mini refrigerator with large storage space can not only store drinks, food, medicines, but also can be used as a skincare refrigerator to store personal care and beauty products such as facial masks, creams, serums, etc. 
 Portable & Fashionable:Built to last with a durable ABS outer casing and finished with a grab & go premium leather carry handle. Features a beautiful transparent glass front door that adds an elegant design and practical function to your home. 
 Eco-Friendly Cooling and Warming:Efficient thermoelectric technology keeps contents cool to 18-20°C lower than the ambient temperature or warms up to 65°C with no harmful chemicals or wasted energy.
 DIY Shelves & Quiet:The shelves are adjustable and removable, specially designed for ladies' various cosmetics, make small items easy to store. Besides, the working noise is low to 28dB. 
 Free AC/DC Adapters:This fridge is equipped with AC and DC power adapters. By plugging the device into a 12V (DC) adapter for a car cigarette, the fridge can be easily converted from an indoor 110V (AC) to a car.
Worried Free Warranty:The tiny refrigerators are ideal gifts for ladies, babies and drivers on Birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Capacity: 10L
Color: White
Working Voltage: DC 12V AC 100-120V/AC220-240V
Power: 45-60 W
Heating Temperature: up to 65°C
Minimum Cooling Temperature: 18°C-20°C below ambient temperature
Removable Shelf: 2

Tips For Best Use
For quickest cooling, pre-chill items before placing in mini-fridge
Provide at least 3 inches clearance behind the fridge and ensure fan is not blocked for most effective operation
Minimize opening and closing and ensure door is closed properly
Lowest possible temperature depends on surrounding temperature
To avoid draining your vehicle's battery when using 12V mode, only run cooler when the engine is on

Package Content:
1 * Mini Fridge
1 * AC Power Cables
1 * DC Power Cables
1 * User Manual

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