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Our cat wheel is constructed of wood, ensuring it is sturdy and durable. Encourage your feline to engage in healthy physical activities by using this Cat Exercise Wheel Toy Scratcher. Further, a silent pulley design in the bottom shaft contributes to a quiet and smooth operation without disturbing your peace. This cat exercise equipment is lightweight and easy to move around, so you can set it up anywhere in your home to suit your cat’s fancy.


  • High Quality Material & Sturdy and Durable: This cat running wheel is made of wood and is very sturdy. This treadmill wheel base is widened to completely wrap the running wheel, very stable without worrying about tipping over.
  • Silent Design & Built-in Security Lock: The upgraded TPE silent roller of cat running wheel is quiet when running. Even if the cat uses the cat treadmill at night, the cat wheel will not affect the owner’s sleep. Our cat exercise wheel built-in locking device, cat play time can be controlled. The cat wheel can also be locked when no one is at home to avoid accidents when the cat is left unattended.
  • Prevent Cats From Pinching Their Feet: We have made a new upgrade to the cat exercise wheel, narrowing the gap between the base and the running wheel, which can effectively prevent cats from pinching their feet when they get on and off the cat treadmill. The corners of the cat running wheel are polished very rounded to prevent cuts.
  • Easy to Assemble And Clean: The cat wheel is easy to assemble with free installation tools, the installation holes are reserved on the surface of the treadmill. the thickened cat scratch pad on the surface of the cat treadmill wheel can be taken off directly to clean when dirty.
  • Training & Advantage: Owners need help you cats by using various forms of encouragement, such as catnip, toys, or treats. By training their cats to use the wheel and making it a positive experience,This cat wheel can help cat reduce stress and control weight while reducing potential furniture damage.

Color: Wood Colour
Material: Wood
Size: 80(L) × 32(W) × 97(H)cm
Running Wheel Inner Diameter: 81cm
Running Wheel Outer Diameter: 91cm
Net Weight: 16Kg

Package Content:
1 x Cat Running Wheel
1 x Set Installation Tools
1 x User Manual

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