Advwin 15L Oven Digital Touch Air Fryer

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Explore culinary ease with our upgraded oven! Intelligent auto-rotation streamlines cooking. Double-layered glass ensures safety. Rapid 220°C convection tech reduces cooking time by 30%, and fat intake by 90%. 15L capacity, 16 settings for diverse needs. Digital LED display for easy adjustments. Independent air circulation system with detachable tray. Welcome to a new era of convenient and delicious cooking!

  • Upgraded Auto-Rotation Oven: The oven features an intelligent rotating system, allowing food to automatically rotate without manual intervention. This not only streamlines the cooking process but also provides a hassle-free experience. The double-layered glass observation window, crafted from high-temperature-resistant glass, ensures safety, insulation, warmth, and burn protection.
  • Rapid Heating & Oil-Less: Utilizing the quick-heating 220°C convection crisp technology, it generates a 360° airflow, achieving a 30% faster cooking time compared to traditional ovens. With 90% less oil or even oil-free options, it replicates the scorching and ultra-crispy texture and flavor of your favorite fried foods, reducing fat content significantly.
  • 15L Digital Touch LED Oven:16 one-touch settings covering a wide range of everyday foods with precise time and temperature control. The clear LED display makes temperature and time adjustments convenient. Simultaneously, it allows for independent upper heating or simultaneous upper and lower heating, catering to various cooking needs.
  • 360° Air Circulation Heating System: Tailored as a kitchen air-fryer oven with a detachable baking tray, it's the most practical air fryer oven on the market. Whether you're cooking small portions or roasting a whole chicken, it handles the task effortlessly.
  • Abundant Accessories: Supplied with a variety of practical accessories, including an oil collecting tray, rotating chicken fork set, mesh basket, wire rack, and chicken fork retrieval rack. These accessories enhance versatility and cater to diverse cooking requirements. The emphasis on quality and diversity sets our product apart, providing endless possibilities for your culinary endeavors.
Color: Black/White
Capacity: 15L
Power: 1750W
Oven Interior Size: 26*26*20.5cm
External Oven Size: 34*33*38cm
Temperature Range: 50-220℃
Voltage: 220-240V

Package Content:
Oven *1
Oil Tray *1
Turn Chicken Fork Set *1
Net Basket *1
Grid *1
Take the Fork Clip *1

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