Advwin 2-in-1 Ice Maker Built-in Water Dispenser Sliver

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Color: Silver
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Product Description:
Enjoy the coolness and joy of this 2-in-1ice water dispenser!

  • Compact and portable in appearance,easy to move around whenever,on demand to provide cold water, bring you a cool experience! meanwhile,as an ice maker that makes nine blocks of ice every nine minutes, or up to 12kg of ice in 24 hours! 
  • Equipped with LCD digital display screen to provide more convenient operation.Order the ice cubes with a 19-hour timer.The dispenser can hold up to two litres of water, is efficient in energy and water, and works fast and quietly.Features include a check window that automatically closes when ice is full or water is low, and a water circulation feature that allows melted ice to be flushed back into the reservoir for reuse.

* 3L water tank
* Bullet shaped ice
* 2 ice sizes - large and small
* Make nine ice cubes every 6-12 minutes
* Produce 12kg of ice cubes in 24 hours
* 2-in-1 ice maker and water dispenser
* The LCD digital display screen provides Ice full and low water level indication
* Four non-slip feet for added stability
* Equipped with large fan for cooling
* Convenient water drainage plug
* Quiet operation,efficiency and energy saving
* Suitable for both business and home use

Type: Countertop Ice Maker
Color: Silver
Material: Plastic
Timer: 19 hour
Power rating: 150W
Water tank capacity: 2L
Power voltage: AC 220 - 240V/ 50 Hz
Cycle: 9 cubes/ 6-12 minutes
Ice making capacity: 12kg/ 24hr
Ice bin weight capacity: 0.6kg
Ice size: Large and small
Ice shape: Bullet
Refrigerant: R600a/23g
Overall dimension:252mmx389mmx363mm
Assembly required: No
Package Content:
1 x 2-in-1 Ice Maker
1 x User Manual

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