Advwin 40L Air Fryer Oven 360° Toaster

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Use this Advwin Touch Control Air Fryer Oven to make delicious food while reducing oil intake, making you and your family a healthier diet. You can use it to make any dishes you want, featuring intuitive cooking modes and presets to quickly and evenly whip up a variety of foods, Make family dinner easy!


  • Support Separate Opening, Separate baking: French double door design, the left & right sides can be opened separately and heated separately. Double-glazed observation window, the whole process of food cooking can be seen, and the interior is made of high-temperature resistant glass, which is safe, heat-insulated, heat-preserving, and anti-scalding.
  • Upgraded Auto-Rotation Oven: The air fryer oven features an intelligent rotating system, allowing food to automatically rotate without manual intervention. This not only streamlines the cooking process but also provides a hassle-free experience. The double-layered glass observation window, crafted from high-temperature-resistant glass, ensures safety, insulation, warmth, and burn protection.
  • Rapid Heating & Oil-Less: Utilizing the quick-heating 220°C convection crisp technology, it generates a 360° airflow, achieving a 30% faster cooking time compared to traditional ovens. With 90% less oil or even oil-free options, it replicates the scorching and ultra-crispy texture and flavor of your favorite fried foods, reducing fat content significantly.
  • 40L & 16 in 1 LED Large Oven: 40L super capacity, can hold a 12" pizza, a whole plate of vegetables or even a whole chicken. Whether it is a family dinner or a gathering of friends, it can be satisfied. 16 one-touch settings, including the time and temperature of various daily foods. Deliciousness is just a touch away. The digital display is clear, and it is more convenient to adjust the temperature and time.
  • Multiple Accessories:  Comes with a wealth of practical accessories to meet your needs. Accessories: large oil pan*1, large net basket*1, large layer rack*1, small oil pan*2, small net basket*2, small layer rack*2, partition*1, roast chicken fork*1, take chicken fork rack*1.

Color: Black
Control mode: Touch Control
Material: Aluminized Plate Inner Cavity
SUS430 Partition
Product Size: 52*40.5*39cm
Capacity: 40L
Temperature Control: 60-220 Celsius
Time Control: 1-120 MinutesNet ;
Material Grade: Food grade

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