Advwin 8 Pack Underwear Drawer Organiser Storage Box

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Are small everyday items like underwear, ties, and socks still strewn about in your cupboards?
Still, worrying about rummaging through your cupboards to find that little piece of clothing you want?
Distressed about getting mixed up with your significant other’s underwear, socks, and more?

ADVWIN’s 8-piece drawer storage box, 3 different sizes, allows you to find its place for all kinds of small daily clothes. Storage boxes of all sizes are available in pairs, meeting the needs of you and your other half.

Made of environmentally friendly and breathable non-woven fabric, you can safely store underwear, keep it dry at all times, and there will be no mold growth in long-term storage.

Collapsible for storage. The storage boxes of each size can be used independently, and the parts not in use can be folded up for storage, which is extremely space-saving.

The fabric construction is washable and clean, keeping your close-fitting clothing neat.


  • Set Of 8 Large Capacity: Our drawer organizer divider set comes in a variety of compartment arrangements to meet individual storage needs. 2PCS: 14*28*13CM, 2PCS: 28*28*13CM, 4PCS: 14*14*13CM
  • Durable And Breathable Material: Using high-quality non-woven material, its breathability keeps the inside of the box dry. Long-term storage does not worry about moisture and mildew.
  • Foldable Design: The cardboard at the bottom of the storage box is detachable, and can be disassembled and folded to save more space when not in use.
  • Independent Dispersion: Each storage box can be used independently, is small, and is convenient. And there is no partition in the box to restrict the space, and the space can be freely allocated according to the needs.
  • Widely Used: The Advwin drawer organizer is specially designed for storage of socks, underwear, bras, ties, and other daily necessities, keeping your items neat.

Color: Grey
Size: Set of 8
2pcs: 28*28*13CM
2pcs: 14*28*13CM
4pcs: 14*14*13CM
Material: environmentally friendly non-woven fabric
Insert: Cardboard
Weight: 1.1kg

Package Content:
8 pieces underwear storage box

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