Advwin Commercial Ice Maker 45KG/24H

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Advwin Commercial Ice Maker Machine
Advwin Commercial Ice Maker stainless steel, produces efficiently batches of clear ice cubes for food grade commercial use.


  • Amazing Ice Making Speed: Powerful and professional, Advwin under counter commercial ice maker is specially designed for commercial and big families that need a lot of ice. It can produce 45kg of ice in 24H and 45 pieces of clear ice cubes per 11~20 mins. Definitely a good partner in your life and business.
  • 15L Insulated Ice Bin: We designed a large ice bin (15L) for the commercial ice machine. With a thermal insulation foam layer and ice overflow protection, it will save your water and electricity a lot by lower the melting speed of ice and prevent excessive ice making.
  • 2 Water Inlet Modes & Adjustable Ice Thickness: The thickness of ice can be adjusted by adjusting the time of single round ice making. The longer the ice making time, the thicker the ice will be. And 2 water inlet modes allow you to connect tap water directly or use bucket water. With freestanding design, it makes you can move the ice maker anywhere to make ice. Super suitable for heavy use for your party and business.
  • Easy To Operate & Install: The indicator lights and LED display will clearly let you know how it works. As for installation, it only takes 3~5 steps to complete. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have someone install it. Simple, convenient and intelligent. (Note: No drain pump. Please use bucket to collect water or other places where water can be drained.)
  • Self Clean, Blue Light & 24H Timer: Long time use will leave some dirt inside the ice maker, and it is quite difficult to clean. So we designed an self cleaning function for it. In addition to this, the ice machine also has 24-hour startup / shutdown timer and a blue light to make ice looks clear. So many functions are integrated into such a compact body (38×40×72 cm L×W×H). Advwin commercial ice machine will never let you down.

 Model: DBJ-45
 Ice Making Time: 11 – 20 mins/batch for different thickness
 Power Supply: 240V AC 50Hz
 Tap water inlet pressure: 100-800KPa
 2 Way Water Fill: Tap water / water bottle
 Warranty & Support: 12 months
 Applicable environmental level: SN / N
 Product size: 380*420*72cm

Package included
1 * Commercial Ice Maker Machine
1 * Ice Scoop
1 * Water Drain Hose 
1 * Water Inlet Hose
1 * Instruction

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