Advwin Countertop Water Dispenser Portable Ice Maker

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Product Description:
Take a look at our portable ice maker. The 2-in-1 machine, doubles as an ice cube maker and a bucket cold water dispenser.
LED control panel makes operation control more user-friendly.Easy to use.You can easily turn on the hidden faucet and activate the drinking function by pressing the button.Runs noiselessly and saves energy, making it ideal for home and commercial to use.

* Portable design
* Stainless steel casing
* Efficiency and energy saving
* One click to start the hidden faucet
* Four non-slip feet for added stability
* Equipped with large fan for cooling
* 2-in-1 ice cube maker and Bottled cold water dispenser
* Each cycle produces 12 blocks every 10 to 15 minutes
* Produce 16kg of ice cubes in 24 hours
* Bullet shaped ice;Small, medium and large ice cube size options
* The LED control panel provides indication of ice fill and low water level
* The ice maker can bear maximum weight of 20L bucket

Power: 552w
* Size: 36cmx42cmx44cm
Power voltage: AC 220-240V/ 50Hz
Cycle: 12 cubes per 10-15 minutes
Ice making capacity: 16kg/ 24hr
Ice size: Large, medium and small
Ice shape: Bullet
Ice basket capacity: 2.2Kg (4.84lbs)
Net Weight: 15kg
Assembly required: No
Water resource: barreled water (not included)
Package Content:
Portable Ice Maker x 1
Ice Scoop x 1
User Manual x 1

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