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Dehydrating food is an effective way to increase its shelf life. This food dehydrator preserves food by evenly circulating warm air of a fixed controllable temperature inside the appliance to remove moisture content while maintaining nutrients. With the Advwin Fruit Dryer, you can enjoy fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and more all year long without unhealthy preservatives. You can also dry flowers, medicinal plants, and prepare cereal with the help of this appliance. This Meat Jerky Maker machine has 5 stackable drying shelves. Just cut and place your fruits, vegetables, meat, or more onto the trays set the temperature, and let the machine does its magic.
Studies have shown that dried food retained as many nutrients as its fresher counterparts and has even more concentrated flavors. So let the Advwin Food Dehydrator help you discover a whole new realm of healthy eating today. Get yours today.


  • Variety of functions: The Vegetable Dryer can quickly and conveniently store vegetables, jerky, fruits, pet snacks, nuts, scented tea, yogurt, medicinal materials, complementary foods, etc., dehydrated to maintain the nutritional value of food.
  • Simple dehydration: This Meat Dryer has advanced dehydration technology, the temperature is adjustable from 35-70°C, the all-around hot air allows the food to be fully dried, and the air circulation generated by the dehydrator makes the food dry
  • Large capacity: It is easy to adjust and consists of multiple detachable food-grade trays, which can be adjusted to suit the food as needed, and can be adjusted manually, allowing you to enjoy the fun of drying food.
  • Low energy consumption, easy to clean: Dry Maker is a low-energy alternative to healthy food. The whole shell is made of food-grade plastic, which is easy to clean. The tray is completely removable and easy to clean.
  • Health Expert: Prepare 100% all-natural snacks with no added sugars or additives.

Voltage: 220–240V
Power: 350-500W
Base material: PP
Temperature range: 35-70℃
Colour: Transparent+Black
Number of layers:5Trays
Size: 28x28x32cm
Type: Mechanical fruit dryer
Power Indicator: Yes

Package Included:
1 * Food Dehydrator
1 * User Manual

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