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Whether you are equipping your new greenhouse with supplemental lighting or providing plants with indoor single-source grow lights, Advwin Plant Growing Light is your better choice!

This LED grow lights feature multiple spectra and high efficacies, and can adjust the spectrum brightness and timing. Suitable for greenhouse, hydroponics, gardening, and planting tent.

A single grow light lamp is suitable for a 2x2 ft growing area and can be used in tandem for larger areas.


  • Professional Plant LED Light Beads: This product uses the latest SMD LED technology which provides high PAR Output, high energy efficiency and light penetration. Improve plant rooting, germination, flowering, and fruit quality.
  • Professional Lighting Full Spectrum: This product uses a combination of 660nm red, IR 760nm far red, 3000K warm light and 5000K white light, which can provide effective lighting for plants from seeding stage to fruiting stage.
  • Dimmable Adjustable brightness: The light brightness can be adjusted on a scale of ten-step dimming (10-100%). You can adjust it according to the growth results you want to achieve.
  • Best for All Plants All Stages Growing: You can set the lighting duration according to different plant growth stages. 12- 14 hours on Vegetative Stage, 9-12 hours on Flowering Stage, and 7- 8 hours on Fruiting Stage.
  • Energy Conservation: Advwin LED top lighting offers light output levels at a high efficacy of up to 2.3 gmol/J, which is a 50% energy reduction compared to HPS. That makes it a highly efficient replacement and energy-efficient supplement for traditional lighting systems.
  • Silent Design: This product does not have built-in fans. It uses a large area of aluminum panel for heat dissipation. The cooling effect will not diminish with the increase time of usage.
  • Safe: Low voltage drive, no danger of electric shock.

Lamp beads power :0.5w/1w
Number of lamp beads :218pcs
Full Spectrum: 660nm,3000K,5000K and IR 760nm
PPF : 2.3umol/J
Power : 105W±10%
Input voltage : AC100-277v
Working frequency : 50-60hz
Working Lifetime(Hour) : 50000H
Working environment : -20°C~40°C
Single Irradiation area : Veg Footprint: 3 x 3 ft /Flower Footprint: 2 x 2 ft

1* LED Grow Light

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