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Why Choose Advwin Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaners
1. Experience the Future of Cleaning with Our Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner
2. Revolutionize your cleaning routine with our advanced wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Combining powerful suction and versatile capabilities, this cutting-edge appliance effortlessly transitions between wet and dry cleaning tasks.
3. Equipped with a robust motor and intelligent sensors, it adapts to various surfaces, ensuring optimal suction power and efficient debris removal. Whether tackling spills, dirt, or debris, this vacuum cleaner is your all-in-one solution for a pristine environment.

  • ✔️ Self-Propulsion + Self-Cleaning: This scrubber has both suction and cleaning functions, and the upgraded brushless electric doubles cleaning efficiency! Accompanied by intelligent sensing technology that automatically adjusts suction power, intensity, and water flow with real-time voice prompts, the large enough dual water tanks make it easy to clean incredibly efficiently, whether you’re dry mopping or wet mopping.
  • 💦Smart Sensor Cleaning:  Wet-vacuuming melts adhering grease and stains, making it easy to tackle adhering stains. Our wet/dry vacuum cleaner has a self-cleaning feature, odorless and maintenance-free. After use, this wet and dry vacuum also self-cleans the brush head. The cleaning process is hands-free, quick-drying, and odorless.
  • 💦Large Capacity Water Tank:  Larger capacity clean water tank (800ml) and dirty water tank (850ml); two modes can be set, up to 30mins, allowing you to clean a larger area without interruption, extra spare roller brush X1, spare HEPA X1. The wet/dry washing and mopping all-in-one machine is capable of accomplishing multiple cleaning tasks at one time, such as vacuuming, mopping, and washing, which reduces the hassle of the user using different equipment.
  • 💦Smart Self-Drive Technology:  Picture this: our Brush Self-Drive technology propels the machine effortlessly forward as if it has a life of its own. It can also automatically adjust the cleaning strength and path according to the dirtiness and obstacles on the floor, providing a smarter cleaning experience. Maneuvering gracefully through each room, it’s a breeze to handle with just one hand, making household chores a breeze without putting strain on your back. And low noise!
  • 💦Better Hygiene Wet Dry Vacuum: Separate freshwater/sewage tank operation. A dual tank system separates clean and dirty water for continuous cleaning with fresh water. When washing the floor with a wet/dry washer and mop, only a small amount of cleaning solution or water is usually needed, which saves water compared to traditional mopping and can be more evenly spread on the floor, thus improving the cleaning effect.
  • ❤️Sweeping and mopping at the touch of a button: This wet and dry vacuum cleaner saves time and effort, making your house cleaner faster.
Color: White+Black
Power: 220W
Input voltage lithium-ion battery: 4000mAh
Packing Size:69*33.5*32cm
Product Size:27*28*110cm
Standard mode: 30min
High-efficiency mode: 20min
Charging time: 4-5h
Vacuum: 12 Kpa
Fresh water tank capacity: 800ml
Effective capacity of sewage tank: 850ml
Product net weight: 4KG

Package Content:
Spare HEPA X1
Spare roller brush X1
User Manual x1

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