Advwin Electric Hot Towel Cabinet 16L

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Advwin UV towel cabinet, the towel to play a high-temperature sterilization, heating, insulation, cleaning function. At home, remove harmful substances and take care of the health of the whole family. Commercially, provide clean and comfortable towels at any time, so that customers can see your intention.

Suitable for hotels, hotels, home, hospitals, entertainment venues, small and medium-sized restaurants and beauty salons and other places.

  • UV Fast Heating: 3W UV lamp, 254nm bulb wavelength, stainless steel liner and layer shelf, fast heat conduction, speed up the towel heating speed.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: When the temperature reaches the set temperature, it will keep the current temperature; when the temperature inside the cabinet is lower than the set temperature, it will automatically heat up.
  • High Holding Capacity: Can hold 30-40 small towels for daily and commercial use.
  • Easy To Use: No assembly required, plug and play.
Volume: 16L
Wattage: 200W
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Temperature: 70±10℃
Loading Capacity: 30-40 small towels
Packaging size: 50*39*34 cm
GW: 5.8KG

Package Included:
1 x Steriliser Towel Warmer Cabinet
1 x User's Manua

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