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Taste the unique coffee experience, the secret of easy grinding beans to bring you a wonderful coffee journey. Our proud bean grinders, equipped with pure copper motors and stainless steel blades, make coffee grinding no longer a mundane process, but a delicious mellow art.

Our bean grinder is not limited to coffee beans, it is your versatile assistant. High-quality stainless steel blade fast rotary cutting, not only for coffee beans but also easily handles spices, seeds, nuts, herbs, and more to upgrade your cooking experience.

The secret of easy grinding beans, making them delicious and convenient. From now on, you can taste the flavor of homemade coffee and feel the fun of grinding beans anytime and anywhere. Whether it is the quiet time in the morning or the rest time in the afternoon, make this bean grinder an essential companion in your life. Let’s enjoy a cup of mellow coffee journey together!

  • Efficient and Precise Grinding: Equipped with a powerful 150W motor and a stainless steel flat grinding system, this grinder ensures coffee beans are ground without overheating, resulting in precise and uniform grinding. This guarantees you can effortlessly achieve a rich aroma and fresh coffee flavor within seconds.
  • One-Touch Coffee Grinder: With an easy-to-use one-touch operation, simply pour up to 70g of coffee beans, press the control button to initiate grinding, and release the button to stop. This convenient process allows you to effortlessly obtain the desired coffee powder.
  • Versatile Spice Grinder: Operating at a rapid 20,000 RPM, this grinder isn’t limited to just coffee beans. It’s also adept at grinding spices, seeds, nuts, herbs, and more, introducing endless culinary possibilities to your cooking experience.
  • Simple to Clean and Maintain: The transparent lid facilitates easy cleaning and provides a clear view of the grinding process. The motor section only requires a gentle brushing, while the remaining parts can be wiped down with a damp paper towel. This ensures optimal hygiene and extends the product’s service life.
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Boasting a sleek and stylish design, this compact appliance adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Combining practicality with fashion, it effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of your culinary space. It also makes for an ideal birthday or housewarming gift.

Note: Please avoid grinding for more than 30 seconds, as this may lead to increased heat, diminishing the coffee’s original aroma.

1)Capacity: Max.50g.
2)Working time: (6-22s)
3)Stainless steel flat blade grinding system
4)Safe switch when the lid is not installed
5)Transparent window
6)Motor: 240V 50/60HZ
8)Power Cord: VDE
10)Accessories: Brush *1

Package Content:
1 x Spice Grinder
1 x Instructions

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