Advwin 8L Mini Makeup Fridge with LED

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Keeping certain skincare products in the fridge helps to keep them stable, increase efficacy, and helps with preservation (just like food), so they stay efficacious longer, Particularly with expensive products that you aren’t using frequently, it’s great to pop them in the fridge to extend the shelf life.


  • Constant Temperature System: The refrigerator is equipped with a constant temperature system that ensures a stable temperature to protect your cosmetics from heat or cold damage.
  • Silent Operation: The refrigerator is designed to operate silently, making it suitable for users who are prone to insomnia. You can say goodbye to noisy sounds and enjoy a peaceful environment.
  • Dual Internal Spaces with Detachable Partition: The refrigerator features two internal spaces and a detachable middle partition. This allows you to make the best use of the available space and customize the storage layout according to your needs.
  • Exquisite Cabinet Design: The refrigerator is designed to be compact and suitable for dressing tables with limited space. Its elegant and beautiful design adds a touch of style to your vanity area.
  • Mirror Glass Panel and Adjustable Lighting: The refrigerator's appearance incorporates a mirror glass panel, making it convenient for makeup. The built-in lighting lamp can be adjusted to three different brightness levels, providing detailed and accurate lighting for your makeup routine.
  • 360° Fully Enclosed Design: The refrigerator features a fully enclosed design that effectively locks out dust and bacteria, providing a clean and hygienic environment to protect your cosmetics.
  • Ready-to-Use and Portable: The refrigerator is ready to use without the need for complicated installation or moving around. Its portable design allows you to easily place it wherever you need it.
  • Arc-Shaped Design for Safety: The refrigerator's arc-shaped design not only adds an elegant touch but also helps to avoid accidental injuries by eliminating sharp corners.
  • Touch Control Operation: The refrigerator features touch control operation for the white light. You can easily adjust the brightness level with three available settings.
  • Double-Layer Design with 8L Capacity: The refrigerator's internal double-layer design provides 8L of space to meet your personal storage needs for cosmetics and skincare products.

Power: 48-65W
Voltage: 220 V-50 HZ DC 12 V
Capacity: 8 L
Color: White
Size: 19*25.5*29cm
Weight: 2.3 KG
Light source: white LED three-level brightness adjustment

Package Content:
1*Mini Fridge

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