Advwin Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

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Need to let the chickens out early every day? Or to close the coop on time to keep predators and vermin out? Our Automatic Chicken Coop Door Control takes all the hassle away and lets you do the tasks easily and timely. Designed to operate on a timer and a light sensor mode, Of course, you can also manually operate or use a remote control, which is also allowed, the coop door control uses an efficient motor for strength and durability. The door and rails are made of aluminum for long-lasting use and rust prevention. It also has an anti-pinch function. The entire control is weatherproof and all mounting screws are provided for a fast set-up.


  • Solar & USB Charging with 2000mAh Battery: With a solar panel and 2000mAh battery, the solar-powered chicken coop door can function. The automatic chicken door opener charges during the day and runs on battery power at night, with a USB charging option included for flexibility.
  • Anti-Pinch & Waterproof Aluminum Door: Equipped with infrared sensing red light, the auto chicken coop door stops and opens if it detects anything hot within 10cm, ensuring safety for the chickens. It’s made of high-quality aluminum, and weatherproof for reliable performance in all conditions.
  • 30-40M Remote Control & Manual Control: You can operate the run chicken automatic door within 100-130 feet using the remote control, avoiding disturbance to the chickens or getting dirty. Alternatively, you can manually control it if you’re nearby.
  • Intelligent Light-Sensing Timer Mode: This automatic chicken coop door includes a retractable roller shutter and light-sensing timer mode. It opens when it’s light and closes when it’s dark, or you can set specific times for it to open and close. ensuring our feathered friends are taken care of even when we can’t be there in person
  • Various Poultry &Various Coop/Mesh: It's impressive Widely used, this solar chicken door is versatile enough to be used with any chicken coop and with various poultry, including ducks, geese rabbits, and outdoor pet dogs and cats are ok. suitable for small poultry whose weight is recommended to be under 10 lbs. Its ability to work with any chicken mesh further adds to its practicality.

Color: Grey+White+Green
Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS
Product Package Size: 42.5*33*13cm
Door Size: 23.5*27.5cm
Weight: 1.43KG

Automatic chicken coop door x1
Manual x1
Solar power supply x1
Remote control x1
USB charging cable x1
Screws x10

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