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Are you tired of scrubbing and spend a lot of time cleaning the terrace and sidewalk?
3000 psi high pressure gasoline pump is durable and reliable.
It replaces the original tools and is specially used for car washing, field cleaning, solid moss and other scenes.
Meet your daily cleaning needs, save your time and energy, and make your life easier.

* Please do not use this product without water!
* Please note the following dimensions:
* Pump Inlet Size: 3/4''NH Garden Hose
* Pump Outlet Size: M22*1.5-14

* Fan shaped structure, the pump body is more solid and durable, and the pressure is stronger
* 3/4 water inlet garden joint with filter screen to extend the service life of the pump
* Equipped with thermal protection valve to avoid damage to accessories due to high temperature
* Pressure range 150-200bar/2200psi-3000psi
* The rated pressure is 200bar/3000psi
* Suitable for 5.5hp/6.5hp/7hp most pressure cleaning machines
* Equipped with pipette
* Very smooth section
* Equipped with 6 pump valves

Axial pump- Horizontal
Pressure: 150-200bar/2200PSI-3000PSI
Flow Rate: 9lpm/2.4gpm
Drive: Engine Driect
Engine: 5.5hp/6.5hp/7hp
Pump Head: Aluminum
Hollow shaft: 19.05mm
Keyway: 4.78mm
221400400 Pump Inlet Size:3/4''NH Garden Hose
Pump Outlet Size: M22*1.5-14
Packing : 270*260*180

How to Install and Use Our Horizontal/Vertical Pressure Washer Pump
1.Using the Allen wrench, loosen the bolts on the top of the pump.
2.Lightly rock the head back the forth to pull the pump of the engine shaft.
It maybe seized to the shaft, so if it is try some penetrating oil. After allowing the penetrating oil to do its job gently pry the pump loose or use a bearing puller to pull it off.
3.Watch for the key falling out sine you will need it to install the new pump.
4.Clean the shaft with emery clot then apply a light coating of anti-seize or oil on it.
5.Using a bit of grease, "glue” the key in the engine shaft keyway to help keep it in place.
6.Slide the new pump on the shaft ensuring the key stays in place
7.Turn the pump to match the pump bolt holes to the engine bolt holes. Install and tighten the bolts to secure the pump to the engine.
8.Connect your hose and as usual have a try.

Package Included:
1*Pressure Washer Pump

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