Advwin Pet Safety Gate Auto Close

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Size: Wide 75-87 cm
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Boasting a wider door design, dual installation options (pressure & hardware mounting), and adaptability across various spaces, Advwin Wide Safety Gate is a game-changer. It keeps your walls unscarred and moves around flexibly, ensuring your baby’s security at all times. The top-to-bottom double lock is a breeze for adults yet a fortress against the playful antics of kids and pets.


  • Adjustable Wide & Large Opening: Fits most entryways and staircase openings. The opening(52cm) is large enough to pass through more easily. The tall(76cm) ensures little adventurers and excited pets don’t leap over. Expandable to fit varying door sizes, it promises a secure environment for both your toddlers and furry pals.
  • One-handed Operation: When the mon holds the babies/clothes/foods, it is still convenient to operate the gate with one hand. 180° dual-swing gate closes automatically when opened less than 90°, and stays open for walk-thru and housework when opened at 90°. Very convenient hands-free function and is safe for the family.
  • Smart Dual-Lock Tech: A two-tiered lock requires an upward lift to unlock, this lock mode makes it difficult for toddlers to open the gate, Sturdy safety gate to keep your dogs out of the main living area, and keep your crawling baby out of the top of the stairs or kitchen. It’s perfect for managing pet routines and preventing disputes.
  • Upgraded No-Drill Installation: We can choose pressure or hardware mounted to install the gate. Pressure mounting requires no tools, no drilling, leaves an intact wall or stairs to you. And you can remove it anytime when it is not in use.
  • Versatile Uses Galore: Stairs, bedrooms, front doors, kitchens – this safety gate’s got it covered. Don’t waste money on extra extension and waste time to find accessory, If you need to find the other size safety gate for you doorways, swiping to the bottom of the page.(If you need installation support, our support team 24-hour online)

Width Range: 29.5 – 33.4 inches/75 – 87 cm/29.5 – 48.4 inches/75 – 123 cm
Angle: 180°
Height: 30 inches/76 cm
Latch Mechanism: 3-Step Opening, Bottom Automatic Locking
Material: Sturdy, all-metal frame
Color: White
Net Weight: 4.4 kg
Latch Handle: Dual-Lock Tongue Structure, ABS
Door Opening Width: 20 inches/52 cm

Package Contents:
1x Main Gate
1x User Manual

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