Advwin Wooden Pet Gate Dog Fence

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Size: 203*61CM
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The Freestanding Foldable Wooden Pet Gate is a versatile option for corralling and keeping your new puppy or kitten from exploring too much of the house. This pet gate features an accordion-like hinged design that lets you fold it to fit nearly any doorway or hallway. The piece is made from tough wood with durable metal hinges. Wide slats provide a secure barrier without your pet feeling like they’re completely cut off from the home.


  • Foldable: This essential dog gate for stairs is lightweight and easily folds together for compact storage. When folded, the portable dog fence is small enough to conveniently fit in a closet, under the bed, or take it with you in the car when traveling.
  • No installation required: Unlike traditional pet gates, this pet gate does not require installation and that could potentially damage your home. With an accordion design, this tall dog gate is sturdy enough to barricade your small dog, puppy, or cat, without drilling.
  • Indoor Dog Gate: This puppy gate is an excellent way to limit your pet’s access to certain parts of the house while maintaining a modern appearance. The finish on this wood stair gate is sure to complement any home style.
  • For Stairs or Doorways: This versatile free-standing pet gate keeps your pets out of any area of the home you would like to keep them away from, including at the top or bottom of stairways, hallways, doorways, or any Conform to wide.
  • 360°Rotate Panel: A pet playpen designed with 360°rotate hinges, it can be easily configured to fit different rooms, hallways, or door openings because the hinges bend in both directions.

Colour: White
Material: MDF
Hinges: Steel
Product Size:
(L)203 x (H)61 x(W)1.8cm
(L)203 x (H)91 x(W)1.8cm
(L)188 x (H)61 x(W)1.8cm
(L)141 x (H)61 x(W)1.8cm

Package Size:
Net Weight: 10kg/14.2kg/8.88kg/6.7kg
Gross Weight:10.9kg/15.4kg/9.78kg/7.46kg
Number of Panels: 4/3

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