Advwin Automatic Pet Dryer Box Smart Temperature Control

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Elevate your pet care routine with the Advwin Smart Pet Dryer Box! This innovative solution brings you a hassle-free, eco-friendly, and secure way to dry your pet. Experience the future of grooming! No more mess, stress, or lengthy drying times. Choose Advwin Smart Pet Dryer Box for a pet-friendly drying experience like no other!

  • 52L Large Capacity for Various Pets: Advwin automatic pet hair dryer box has large interior spaces can meet the drying needs of different types of pets, such as cats, dogs, or other small furry animals. Wider and larger room helps to lessen pet anxiety and fear, providing ample space for them to move around.
  • Smart Touch Panel: Offer 5 modes for you to choose from: Warm House, Cool House, Soft Dry, Quick Dry and Disinfect. You can also customize drying time, temperature, and air volume though the panel, ensuring an even and rapid drying experience that saves you time and frees your hands. Drying your pet’s hair is no longer a problem or a high long-term expense.
  • 360° Airflow Circulation: 360°around the air supply can reach these hard-to-reach areas, such as the abdomen, underarms, neck, etc. can be easily blown dry. And The constant Air Exchanges Keeping Air Fresh, so that pets breathe more comfortable. Negative ions released by drying box act as a professional groomer, reducing the dryness of pet hair, blow-drying pet hair becomes smooth, fluffy, and lustrous.
  • Intelligent Control & Safe Drying: Advwin automatic pet drying box has a dual circuit protection mechanism, with temperature control and heat protection of 20-40°C. It will automatically shut down when it exceeds 45°C. The fuse will automatically cut off power when the temperature exceeds 50℃. So your pets can enjoy even drying without overheating, always protect the safety of pets.
  • Quiet and Interactive Design: Quiet Operation, this cat dog hair drying box provides a peaceful environment for your pets. Totally transparent front door ensures you can check the pet’s status at any time, the interactive windows on both sides are designed for you to reach in and interact with your furry friends, such as stroking or feeding, helping to calm their nerves during their drying process.

Rated Voltage:220-240V~50-60Hz
Temperature range:20~40℃
Time Range:1~99 minutes
Wind Speed Range: 1~4 levels/stages
Filtering Method:Polyurethane filter cotton+polyethylene filter net
Sterillization Method:Plasma sterillization
Operation Method: Touch control
Net Weight:6.8kg

Package Content:
1 x Pet Dryer Box
1 x User Manual

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