Advwin Electric Winch 3000lbs/1360kg 12V

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This 3000lbs electric winch is made to be a highest performance and reliable product. It provides strong power to recover your vehicle when it is stuck under various circumstances in the off-road adventure. Operate easy with wireless remote control. Solid performance against corrosion and moisture, designed for all purpose winching, particular for ATV, UTV, boats and jeeps. It is not only more efficient, but quieter as well.


  • Motor: Pure copper motors have the characteristics of high magnetic inductive melting point, high temperature resistance, strong power, safe work and high efficiency.The tight arrangement and oil make the steel wire have good toughness and rust resistance.Copper core binding prevent oxidation and erosion resistant, good electric conductivity can extended it work life.
  • 3-Stage Planetary: The real 3-Stage Planetary enables differential, deceleration(growth), reversal, and more. The combined use of multiple groups of planetary wheel systems can achieve a very large speed ratio, which can achieve coaxial deceleration(growth). The upgraded gear system is more operational ?and durable.
  • Better Performance: Spring loaded, cam-style clutch mechanism.1.3 HP Wound Motor, Auto Load Holding,a Ratio of 153:1, IP68 Waterproof,Strong And Lightweight.With a durable black powder coat finish.
  • Winch Solenoid Relay: Small or mismatched relays can cause a burning phenomenon. So we need to use a suitable relay for different winches, not necessarily an overload protector if your winch has a perfect relay. The 500A relay is truly insulable, durable and stable, avoiding winch damage due to insuffcient relay power.
  • Attention: Synthetic rope is made of 12 fine stranded rope, falling to the ground quickly when the rope snapping.Tips: Never put your finger through the hook. If your finger should become trapped in the hook, ALWAYS USE HANDSAVER when guiding the wire rope in or out.
  • Remote Control: Come with wired control and wireless remote control. Wireless Remote control distance up to 100m. Press the power button for 5 seconds to turn on the remote control.

Rated Single Line Pull: 3000lbs(1360kg)
Winch Certification: CE
Duty Cycle Ratting: 5% (45 sec at Max Rated Load: 14 min, 15 sec Rest)
Pendant Controller: Wired, 12ft(3.7m) long
Handlebar Controller: Wired, 8ft(2.4m) long
Application: ATV/UTV/BOATMotor: 12V DC 1.3HP Permanent Magnet
Gear train: 3-Stage Planetary
Freespool: Cam Activated
Hook: 1/4" Clevis with Spring-loaded Safety Latch
Brake: Auto. Load Holding Mechanical
Synthetic Rope: 5.4mm*9.2m
Remote Control Range: 30m

Package Content:
1x 3000lbs Winch
1x Clevis Hook
1x Hand Held Switch
1x New Style Wireless Remotes
1x Winch Ropes
1x User Manual

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