Advwin Hand Grip Muscle Strength Equipment

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The Advwin Grip Strength Trainer helps increase finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength. It is also a great tool for rehabilitation, circulation, and stress relief. 

Curved design and anti-slip handle provide secure grip and comfort during workouts. Compact size and shape so you can take and use the trainer anywhere. Increase grip strength and endurance by training fingers, wrists and forearms Easily adjust the resistance from 5-60kg. 


  • Couting Grip Strengthener - Automantal counting. Do not have to count yourself. Help you focus on exercising, easily achieve your sports goals. 
  • Adjustable Resistance: Allows a wide variety and range of exercises for a wide range of age groups and fitness levels to adjust spring tension from 5-60kg.
  • Fits All Age & Portable Design:Grip strength suitable for all age groups and fits well for all hand sizes. No matter you're women or men, kids or adults, beginner or an experienced person, you can carry them start grip training anytime and anywhere.
  • Grip strengthener & Injury Rehabilitation:Perfect for improving power and flexibility of forearm, wrists, fingers, hand, and muscle building. Excellent Ideal for people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, wrist fractures, and recovering from a tendon surgery.
  • Comfortable:The ergonomic and soft handle of the handgrip strengthener is not only fit for small and large hands, seniors, and teens but also ensures comfortable holding. 
  • Great Gift: This is a perfect gift choice for someone who is a sports athlete, musician, rock climber, tennis player, golf player, boxer, drummer, guitarist, pianist, and much more. It is made portable to take along anytime and any day.

Product size: 11*17*2cm
Weight: 170g
Strength value: 5-60kg adjustable
Material: PP+TPR
Color: Black

Smart counting gripper*1/Smart counting gripper*2

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