Advwin Hand Grip Strength Trainer with LED Display Pink

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How to Use the Smart Hand Grip Strengthener?
1. Press and hold the On/Off button for 2 seconds until the LCD display lights up.
2. Start the grip exercise and the LCD display will show the real-time counting numbers.

Note: When the hand squeezer grip strength does not perform an operation within 2 minutes, the LED display will turn off.

  • Relaxation to relieve fatigue: This funny hand gripper is suitable for all ages to use. The included app allows you to set daily exercise goals and exercise time, the fun game can also help you relieve fatigue and exercise hand reactions during your busy workday, and it is very portable and can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Enhance your grip and arm strength: The ADVWIN smart hand grip strengthener is the perfect tool to help you improve your grip and arm strength. This is especially important for those who want to build strong arm muscles, improve their overall physique, and boost their overall health.
  • Boost your hand mobility: The forearm strengthener is designed to help you improve your hand movement ability, while also enhancing your finger and palm dexterity and coordination. This will allow you to easily tackle a variety of hand-related tasks and sports in your daily life.
  • Hand exercise equipment for the elderly and children: 30lb of power is very friendly to beginners who are just starting to focus on hand strength exercise, with our app to set workout goals, you can also get exercise when applying interactive games to relax.
  • Free App Recording Data, Your Fitness Changes Are Visible: Using the companion app, you can track your grip strength over time. The app also offers features such as logging data and analyzing your training diary. To keep the workout fun and engaging, we’ve also designed interactive games to improve your grip strength and dexterity while helping you relax. Start working out with our hand grip trainer!

Package included:
Grip Strength Trainer Ring*1
USB Cable*1
Storage Bag*1
User Manual*1

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