Advwin Finger Cube 3D Focus Stress Reliever Toy Gift

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Color: Orange
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Product Description:

Release stress best!Do you feel nervous or anxious in work, study, and daily life? Feeling stress has become a common phenomenon in the new era. Now we have a small funny cube to ease your nervousness and anxiety. You can use it unconsciously while working, without distracting you and waste your time. With exquisite design and variable functions, it won't let you down.


The buttons are made of skin-friendly silicone material, 3 buttons can be heard, and 2 buttons are silent.

The steel ball can slide or you can choose to press it.

Gear sliding without resistance, just like the original.

The joystick with a built-in magnet can be pulled out, and it can automatically return to position after shaking back and forth, left and right!

With a built-in magnet, the switch button has a crisp sound.

The product adopts an oil-injected matte feel, and the materials are environmentally friendly and resistant to dirt.


Material: ABS plastic, sprayed rubber paint, super cool frosted feel

Product size: 33*33*33mm

Product net weight: 35g

Color box size: 56*56*58mm, 62*62*44mm

Color: Black & Green

Packing weight (including product): 65g lid and 50g color box

Package Content:

1x Fidget Cube

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