Advwin 3in1 Car Window Glass Breaker

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Color: Black
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This product is multifunctional and 3-in-1 emergency escape hammer. Under emergency situation, you can use it to cut the seat belt and break the car window and blow as a Whistle, then you can escape from the car. Made by premium ABS and Metal, it is very durable and reliable.
A necessary emergency tool for car owners.

* 100% Brand New & High Quality
* Mini size design with keychain, lightweight easier to carry wherever you go.
* Multi-tool is made of ABS plastic and metal.
* Every driver and passenger is necessary.
* Push the item on the glass, it will jump out of a piece of steel, very powerful firing pin, then instant bump breaks glass!
* To break the window: In case of emergency, you can use your car kit to break the window, remove the cap, press the trigger of firing pin against the window until it clicks.
* To cut the seat belt: The safety blade can be used to cut seat belt in case of emergency.
* Use as a Whistle.

Material: Metal&Plastic
Color: Black/Red/Yellow

Package Contents
1 x Car Window Glass Breaker

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