Advwin 2800Pa Suction Window Cleaner Robot

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Introducing our cutting-edge Window Cleaner Robot, a revolutionary solution to simplify and elevate your window cleaning routine. This innovative device boasts a formidable 2800Pa suction power, ensuring a meticulous and efficient clean for your windows, leaving them sparkling and crystal clear.

Equipped with an intelligent navigation system, this robot follows a precise “Z” shaped route, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage without missing any areas. Beyond its primary function as a window cleaner, its versatility shines as it effortlessly tackles glass doors, mirrors, tiles, and more, making it a versatile cleaning companion for your entire living or office space.

Embrace a new era of window cleaning with our Window Cleaner Robot – where innovation meets efficiency, providing you with more time to enjoy the clear, fresh views and the moments that matter. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional cleaning methods and welcome the future of smart, automated window cleaning into your home or office.


  • Advanced Suction Power: Elevate your cleaning experience with our Window Cleaner Robot featuring a powerful 2800Pa suction, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning for sparkling windows.
  • Intelligent Navigation System: Benefit from smart gyro navigation and a precise “Z” shaped route, providing automated and precise movements for a comprehensive clean without missing any spots.
  • Versatile Surface Cleaning: Beyond windows, our robot is designed for versatility, effortlessly cleaning glass doors, mirrors, tiles, and more, making it an all-in-one solution for your entire living or office space.
  • Convenient Remote Control Operation: Take control at your fingertips with the included wireless remote, allowing you to manage and direct the Window Cleaner Robot with ease for a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • Safety and Reliability: Ensure safe operation with intelligent frame detection, enabling the robot to work securely on non-framed windows and various surfaces. With a reliable 500mAh lithium battery, it offers a 20-minute cleaning time per charge and a 30-minute backup in case of power interruption.

Size: 290*144*102 mm
Suction power: 2800Pa
Net weight: 1.1 kg, ultra slim and smart, easy to operate
Running Speed: 0.35 ㎡/min
Back Up Battery: Lithium battery 500 mAh
Battery Lasting Time per Charge: about 20 min.
Fan motor: brush motor
Frame detection: Yes
Frameless detection: Option
Wireless remote control
Noise level:≤ 65 db
Cleaning pad *10
Cleaning route: Up, Left, and Right
Adapter power cord length:5.4m

Package Included:
Window Cleaning Robot *1
Cleaning Pad *10
Instructions *1

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