Advwin Cordless 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

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Our Advwin vacuum cleaner boasts exceptional cleaning performance, thanks to its robust 28Kpa suction generated by a 400W brushless digital motor. This versatile vacuum adapts to various cleaning needs with its dual-speed suction adjustments, easily transforming into a handheld or cane mode for efficient debris removal.

Experience precision cleaning with upgraded turbo brush heads, specially designed for pet hair and various floor types. The added LED illumination ensures no hidden dirt is left behind.

With a high-capacity 2200mAh battery, enjoy up to 40 minutes of standard cleaning or 18 minutes of maximum mode cleaning, and it rapidly recharges in just 4-6 hours. Plus, our top-tier filtration system separates debris and captures dust, thanks to the washable HEPA filter, promoting cleaner indoor air.

The lightweight design and motorized brush make it a breeze to clean furniture, ceilings, stairs, and vehicles. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the ADVWIN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner today!


  • 28Kpa Robust Suction & Dual Modes: Our cutting-edge cordless vacuum, showcasing a 400W brushless digital motor that's nothing short of extraordinary. This technological marvel unleashes outstanding 28Kpa suction prowess while maintaining a hushed operation. Featuring a dual-speed suction mechanism, this vacuum transitions seamlessly between modes, adapting effortlessly to a variety of cleaning scenarios. Our graceful handheld vacuum, guaranteeing a thorough removal of debris in one fluid motion.
  • Exquisite Pet Hair & Floor Precision: Our cordless vacuum lineup now boasts 2 enhanced turbo brush heads meticulously designed for both hard floors and carpets, elevating cleaning precision to new heights. Powered by a brushless motor, and their agile brush heads come adorned with illuminating LEDs. These bright companions brilliantly light up obscure spaces beneath furniture, beds, and tables, unveiling hidden dirt in the darkest crevices and upholding an impeccable standard of cleanliness.
  • Fast Charging, Uninterrupted Performance: The upgraded brushless motor vacuum cleaner is designed for durability and integrates 7 high-capacity batteries to extend your cleaning marathon time. Standard mode - 40 mins, max mode provides 18 mins of powerful cleaning, one button switch. The charging process is amazingly fast, fully rejuvenating in just 4-6 hours. The removable battery design revolutionizes space and time efficiency and can be charged independently or within the vacuum itself
  • More Hygienic Vacuum Cleaner: Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness with our cordless vacuum cleaners, showcasing advanced dual cyclonic filters that adeptly segregate larger debris while meticulous filters and screens capture even the finest dust particles, all while safeguarding the motor's integrity. The capacious 0.8L dust cup can be removed and washed, guaranteeing peak filtration performance. Boasting a washable HEPA filter, this vacuum not only prolongs the unit's lifespan but also combats dust buildup, promoting an eco-conscious fresh indoor ambiance.
  • Adaptable Lightweight Vacuum for Every Task: Unveiling a design of effortless lightness, our cordless vacuum ensures that even seniors and expectant mothers can deftly navigate it, taking cleaning to new heights. Anchored by a motorized brush, extension tube, and a versatile 2-in-1 brush nozzle, this adaptable instrument transforms into four unique configurations. Seamlessly adjusting to furniture, ceilings, stairs, and vehicles, it masterfully eradicates the challenges of inaccessible corners that traditional vacuum cleaners often grapple with.

Power: 400W
Input voltage lithium ion battery: 2200mAh / 25.2v
Packing size:56.5*30*14cm
Standard mode: 18Kpa/40min
High efficiency mode: 28Kpa/18min
Charging time: 4-6h
Vacuum: 18-28 Kpa
Dust bucket: 0.8L
Working sound level: ≤75dB
Product net weight: 2.7KG

A10 sofa suction x 1
Floor brush x 1
Carpet bursh x 1
Flat suction x 1
LED Turbo electric floor brush x1
Slot nozzle x1
Telescopic tube x1
AC power adapter x1
2200mAh battery x1
Wall mounted x1
User Manual x1

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