Advwin 2 X Labor Saving Arm Lifter 360KG

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Advwin Labor Saving Arm Jack is a must-have tool in every home for effortless lifting and stabilizing of various items.

Crafted from top-grade 45# solid steel, the Advwin Labor-Saving Arm Jack features a robust construction with a heavy-duty stable base and a thickened high-strength spring. Its inclined port design allows for easy insertion of objects, making lifting and supporting furniture, large appliances, doors, windows, cabinets, and more a breeze. The dual mode of rapid descent + slow descent makes descent more precise and safer. The top of the tool features a removable clamp that doubles as a woodworking clamping tool for added versatility. Additionally, the set includes gloves to ensure your hands are protected during operation.

Order yours today and enjoy the convenience and efficiency this essential tool brings to your daily routine!


  • Widely Used & Multifunctional: Our lifting tool can be used to help support and stabilize a variety of items, including furniture and large appliances, doors, windows, cabinets, and more. Suitable for external cleaning, house maintenance, woodworking, furniture installation, etc. It is an essential tool for the home.
  • Quality Steel Hand Lifting Jack:  Advwin labor-saving arm jack has a high quality 45 # solid steel made, with heavy duty stable base and thickened high strength spring. The inclined port design makes it easy to insert objects. Comes with gloves so your hands won’t be hurt during work.
  • Good Lifting Jack for Work: This set of tools is high-quality steel, the maximum load capacity is 360kg, maximum lift height is 210mm, which can meet the needs of most home use scenarios. The top of the tool comes with a removable clamp that can also be used as a woodworking clamping tool when the clamp is installed in reverse.
  • Rapid descent + Slow Descent:  Press the plate gently to rapid descent/ slow descent. The Hand Tool Lift is marked with a scale that is accurate to the millimeter level. Free height adjustment, and accurate positioning. With a comfortable handle, and hand-held design, the grip handle can quickly rise.
  • Portable & Easy to Use:  Compared with traditional jacks, Advwin hand-lifting jack tools are space-saving, easier to carry and move, and easier to store. No complicated installation, just open the package and use it.

Material: Carbon Steel
Static Load Capacity(2Pcs): 200kg
Maximum Load Capacity(2Pcs): 360kg
Maximum Lifting Height: 210mm
Product Weight: 2.45kg
Product Dimension: 8*9.5*38cm
Package Size: 38.70*18.50*8.50cm
Colour: Black + Steel

Package Inclusions:
2 x Hand Lifting Jack
4 x Anti-slip Cover
2 x Anti-slip Mat

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