Advwin 38'' Acoustic Guitar Classical Folk Guitar

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Sitting out on the porch playing guitar and singing with your mates or even going away sitting around the campfire and singing in harmony is definitely enjoyable and fun, and you will need this affordable Acoustic Cutaway Guitar to complete your performance.
It comes with a tuner, strap, three picks, cloth, reserve strings for free. Folk and classical music vary at will. The delicate process of manufacture including bracing and finishing techniques, thickness and wood tuning guarantee this guitar a real pleasure to play.
  • Suitable for all levels: The size and comfortable strings are also suitable for beginners. You needn't worry about choosing the wrong guitar. Contains everything you need to perform. Provide you with a guitar bag, tuner, guitar strap, wiping cloth, spare strings, and 3 picks.
  • 2 in 1 Guitar: There are nylon and steel strings for you to use together, the nylon strings tone is softer, and the steel strings tone is brighter, one guitar satisfied your muti-needs.
  • Pure Sound Quality: High-quality tuners, Sleek lacquer finish, and the quality bridge confirm it is a high-quality sound guitar. High-quality panel to form perfect speaker with smooth line and excellent resonance effect.
  • Portable for Anyone: The narrow waist is convenient for you to use, and the free strap, equipped cover are also good for you to take it away.
  • A Great Gift: It is definitely a great choice for those who want to learn guitar. For intermediate players, it's also good to experience the fun of guitar with friends.
Package Size: 98cm x 39cm x 6cm
Product Size: 38 Inch
Material: Basswood
Color: Blue
GW: 1.8KG

1*Reserve String

Maintenance Tips:
1. Avoid direct sunlight.
2. Avoid prolonged idle time.
3. Avoid bumps and collisions.
4. Avoid the risk of improper placement.
5. The indoor humidity should be kept at 40-60.
6. Avoid perspiration and dirt from eroding the paint and fingerboard.

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