Advwin Portable 718pcs Tool Kit Set Mechanic Toolbox

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Product Description:

Our products are made of hight quality carbon steel as well as the case is reinforced with the premium aluminium case, durable.

Each tool is tested against industry standards for hardness, torque, finish and usability and should last a lifetime under normal use.It is ideal for home and garage maintenance.


1.Hard metal surface protects tools inside

2.Almost all the tools you may need have been put in it

3.The tools are made from high-quality carbon steel

4.Easy to carry anywhere

5.Non-slip handles guarantee safety when using


Trolley Material: Aluminum
Toolls Material: Carbon Stee
Color: Black
Overall Dimension: 38cm x 22cm x 52cm


Tray A:

1 x ratchet bits holder
11 x screwdrivers
3 x insulation screwdrivers
24 x bits
6 x precision screwdriver
1 x pickup
9 x hex key
1 x bit extension bar
1 x tester

Tray B:

1 x insulation tape
2 x glue stick
1 x scissor
78 x fastener
2 x nylon clip 7.62cm
1 x wire stripping pliers
1 x aluminum level
1 x measuring tape
1 x utility knife
1 x claw hammer
1 x electric glue gun

Tray C:

1 x sockets holder
2 x ratchet wrenches
1 x 0.635cm flexible extension bar
2 x 0.635cm extension bar
1 x 0.635cm universal joint
1 x 1.27cm universal joint
15 x 0.635cm sockets
1 x 0.635cm slipping bar
2 x 1.27cm extension bar
14 x 1.27cm sockets
2 x 1.27cm spark plug sockets

Tray D:

2 x gloves
9 x combination wrench
1 x side cutting plier
1 x long nose plier
1 x joint plier
1 x gray case with black cornered
1 x adjustable wrench
500 x cable ties 2.5*100mm
1 x water pump plier
4 x PE blow case with shrink wrapping

Package content:

718 pcs tool set trolley

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