Advwin 799 Piece Tool Kit Trolley Case

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This Advwin 799 Piece Tool Kits has almost everything needed for any homeowner, car owner or professional repair person or contractor to accomplish everyday repairs and chores more efficiently. Included are more than 799 pieces of tools, such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers,tire gauge, ele. tester, ratchet handle, scissors, insulation tape, and other small hardware ones.

Designed with 4 removable boards and dual lock system, each tool will be organized neatly and safely in the toolbox.Well with the Advwin 799-Piece Tool Set you'll locate your desired implement in seconds as each individual tool has its own respective molded slot. Further, the built-in rolling wheels and adjustable handle allow you to take it anywhere you want without any constraint.

* Dual lock, safe and reliable
* Reinforced aluminium case, durable and strong
* Rolling trolley with telescopic handle, easy moving
* Wide varieties, it can completely meet your daily needs
* Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion
* Forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-polish
* Built-in 4 removable tool storage boards, neatly and orderly
* 799 piece tool set---designed for you when you are doing basic DIY work or working household projects, or even basic car repairs

Tray 1:
①9 x combination wrenches
②1 x 6" needle nose plier
③1 x 6" slip joint plier
④1 x 6" adjustable wrench
⑤1 x 6" diagonal cutting plier
⑥1 x 9" water pump plier

Tray 2:
①15 x sockets (4,4.5,5,5.5,6,6.5,7,7.5,8,9,10,11,12,13,14mm)
②14 x sockets(8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,30mm)
③1 x 1/4" universal joint
④1 x 1/2" universal joint
⑤1 x 1/2" ratchet handle
⑥1 x 1/4" ratchet handle
⑦2 x1/4" extension bar
⑧2 x 1/2" extension bar
⑨1 x flexible extension bar
⑩1 x 1/4" sliding T-bar
⑪ 1 x 1/2" sliding T-bar
⑫ 1x 1/4" nut driver handle
⑬ 2 x sprak plug sockets 16 and 21mm

Tray 3:
①11 x screwdrivers
②3 x insulation screwdrivers
③1 x ele. tester
④6 x precision screwdrivers
⑤24 x bits
⑥9 x hex key wrenches
⑦1 x bit driver handle
⑧1 x bit extension bar
⑨1 x flexible extension bar
⑩1 x tire gauge

Tray 4:
①1 x scissors
②1 x 8" crimping plier
③1 x insulation tape
④1 x utility knife
⑤1 x 8oz Claw Hammer
⑥1 x aluminium level
⑦1 x measuring tape 5m
⑧1 x hot glue gun (with 2 hot glue cartridges)
⑨2 x plastic clips
⑩60 x hardware assortment (nails, screws, hooks, etc.) in plastic box

Weight: 12.6kg
Tool Material: Carbon Steel
Case Material: Aluminium alloy
Overall Dimension: 44*27.5*56-100.5cm
Trolley Case Colour: Silver

1 x 799pcs Hand Tool Kits
1 x Portable Trolley Case
1 x Pairs gloves

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