Advwin Motorcycle Bike Front & Rear Stand

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Product Description:

The front and rear frames of the motorcycle can help you support the motorcycle upright without worrying about your car leaning.

The motorcycle front and rear paddock brackets can also help you clean, repair and maintain your car.

In addition, it can help you easily remove and install the wheels (The bracket will not scratch or damage your front fork).

The bracket is equipped with four wheels, which can conveniently and firmly support the motorcycle.

This bracket will not scratch or damage your fork,please rest assured to order it.


Made of high quality durable high grade powder coated steel

Gloss black finish 500kg max capacity

It is designed to help change tire, tighten chain, serve brake and change oil.

Combo wheel swingarm makes it easy for user to clean and maintain their bikes.

Due to it supports the motorbike vertically upright underneath its suspension, it plays an significant role in removing and installing motorcycle wheels, which makes your maintenance process relaxing and easy.

Equipped with this motorcycle lifting and stand kit, which is convenient for propping your motorcycle so that save your labor.

For off-season storage to prevent dry rot, flat sport or moisture damage

Professionally designed to suit for most sport bike motorcycles.

Protective rubber base studs to help protect the stand and floor from scratch.

Easy To Assemble - Only with several parts and fittings, the motorcycle stand and lifting kit is greatly simple to assemble just in several minutes, no matter it is the front stand with fork or the rear stand with spool.

Front stand is placed under the front fork, push down, and the motorcycle will lift.

Rear stand is placed under the rear spool located in the swingarm (not included), push down, and motorcycle will lift.


Advwin is committed to providing customers with quality products and good after-sales service.

If you have any questions about the goods, please feel free to contacts us for help.



Material:High grade powder coated steel

Quantity:1 Pair (1pc front stand 1pc rear stand)

Product Size:80cm(L) * 44cm(W) x*40cm(H)

Packing Size:0*47*13cm

Max Front Stand Capacity: 250kg

Max Rear Stand Capacity:250kg

Max Capacity:500kg

Package Content:

1x Motorcycle Front Stand

1 x Motorcycle Rear Stand


Main support x2

Front fork stand x2

Mouth pin x2

Fork bracket x2

Bolt x6

Return spring x2

Rubber bracket x2

Rear spool stand x2

Loose cap x4

Flat mat x4

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