Acvwin Foldable Vacuum Cleaner 3 in 1

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This product is equipped with a wall mount sticker. 

You can hang the  folding vacuum cleaner on the upper wall mount bracket after use. 

Not only saves your living space, but also keeps it clean and hygienic.

  • sofa and carpet suction
  • flat suction
  • floor brush

(Different brush heads respond to different cleaning situations. Please refer to the picture.)


Our vacuum cleaner features a flexible folding rod that enables you to reach every nook and cranny effortlessly. Say goodbye to those hard-to-reach areas as our vacuum guarantees a comprehensive cleaning experience, leaving no dead corners unattended.

With its versatility and advanced features, our cordless rod vacuum will transform your cleaning routine, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.

Experience efficient and thorough house cleaning with our innovative cordless rod vacuum. Equipped with a cutting-edge 5-stage filtration system and an electric brush head, this device ensures a superior cleaning performance. The filtration system comprises cyclone technology, a durable metal filter, a high-quality Hepa filter, and a practical sponge filter. Together, these filters capture even the tiniest particles, leaving your home impeccably clean.

【Wall-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner with 2 Suction Modes】Enjoy the benefits of two suction modes (standard and powerful) with this wall-mounted vacuum cleaner. Its strong suction power of 8-12KPa effectively captures various types of dust in your everyday life, ensuring exceptional cleaning performance. Additionally, the wall-mounted bracket provides a convenient and organized storage solution, keeping your space neat and tidy.
【Convenient & Powerful】With its strong performance and two charging modes, this device offers both versatility and long-lasting power. The 2200mAh battery ensures an uninterrupted cleaning experience for up to 30 minutes. You can effortlessly charge it either by directly plugging it in or by conveniently detaching the battery for separate charging. Enjoy the convenience and powerful performance all in one!
Imagine a cleaning device that gently sweeps across your floor with a mysterious breeze, providing a peaceful environment for your little one and furry friends. It has a stylish design tailored for the modern woman, with ergonomic handles and a very lightweight body that makes it effortless to dance in your hands. With a folding vacuum cleaner, conquering every nook and cranny of your abode will become an enjoyable journey that won’t leave you exhausted or fatigued.


  • color:Silver
  • Power: 150W
  • Input voltage lithium ion battery: 2200mAh / 22.2v
  • Size:33*11.5*22.5cm
  • Packing size:43*25.5*18cm
  • Standard mode: 8Kpa/30min
  • High efficiency mode: 12Kpa/15min
  • Charging time: 4-5h
  • Vacuum: 7-12 Kpa
  • Adapter SAA: 1.8m
  • Dust bucket: 0.8L
  • Working sound level: ≤75dB
  • Product net weight: 3.3KG

Package Content:

  • A10 sofa suction x 1
  • Floor brush x 1
  • Flat suction x 1
  • LED Turbo electric floor brush x1
  • Slot nozzle x1
  • Telescopic tube x1
  • AC power adapter x1
  • 2200mAh battery x1
  • Wall mounted x1
  • User Manual x1

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