Advwin 100pcs Vacuum Sealer Bags 28x40cm

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When your carrots, nuts, meat, etc. cannot be eaten all at once, you may consider Advwin vacuum sealer bags, which increases the storage time of food while locking in the freshness, flavor and nutritional value of the food.

Made by high-quality PE and BPA-free plastic, the size compatible with most vacuum sealers. Enjoy hygiene food and healthy lifestyle!

* 100pcs in a set--28x40cm each
* BPA Free, pre-cut food sealer bags
* Strong and durable high-quality PE plastic
* Keeps food hygienic, fresh-tasting & delicious
* With embossed design for increased suction
* Bags are microwavable when not vacuum-sealed
* Locks freshness and flavor up to 5 times longer
* Compatible with most vacuum food sealers

Colour: Clear
Free of BPA
Materials: PE
Pack contents: 100pcs
Design: Pre set Food Storage Bags
Dimensions (approx. cm): 28x40cm
Weight approx: 1.86kg

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