Advwin 12 Eggs Incubator Fully Automatic Turning

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The egg incubator holds 12 eggs and design for beginners or professional breeders who want to incubate eggs on a smaller scale. With an intelligent integrated circuit control, the fully automatic egg incubator will maintain the temperature and turn the eggs incubated.

You will be able to know the specific condition of the incubator inside from the digital display panel, ensuring the best condition for effective egg incubation. The transparent lid, allows you to observe the process of egg hatching easily. It is perfect to incubate poultry like chickens, ducks.


  • Automatic Intelligent Egg & Auto Egg Turning: Egg Incubator designed with a transparent top cover can easily know the egg hatching condition. It satisfies curiosity while minimizing temperature instability caused by frequent machine openingsAutomatic egg turner simulating hen hatching environment, greatly improves the hatching rate.
  • Digital Display& Easy Operation: Includes real-time temperature display for effortless monitoring and greatly reduces the possibility of low hatching rates due to lack of temperature control, Simply button operation allows you to adjust the setting at anytime.
  • Auto Water Replenishment: No worries any more about how to keep the humidity stable, this incubator is auto refill water. Just use a conventional drinking water bottle. After adding water, buckle the bottle upside down on the bottle base, and the water level will automatically be consistent with the water level of the incubator base.
  • Stable Temperature: The built-in thermal sensor in the hatching incubator continuously sends real-time data to the controller, allowing precise temperature control by regulating the heating component. The 360° airflow circulation technology ensures even heat distribution, resulting in the highest hatching rate.
  • Built in Fans: Built-in double fans can even the temperature and humidity in incubator, low noise and low energy consumption provides a perfect incubation environment.
  • Wide Usage: Suitable for chickens, ducks, gooses, quails, birds, pigeon, etc.Transparent base for visibility of eggs hatching, perfect for incubation industry, lessons and demonstrations.
  • CE FCC ROHS Certificated

Voltage: 110V/220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: ≤ 35W
Capacity: 12 Eggs

Package Content:
1x Incubator
1x water injection base (not inculded bottle)
1x power cord
1x User Manual

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