Advwin 145cm Cat Tree Cat Scratcher Post

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Advwin’s Cat Trees for Endless Adventures!

Cat trees are designed to satisfy cats’ natural instincts to climb, scratch and perch. Providing a multi-level playground for our feline friends, platforms and perches provide a comfortable place to rest or observe their surroundings. Cat scratching posts wrapped with natural sisal rope provide an outlet for cats to scratch and keep their claws, thus making your furniture immune to the scratching instinct. Whether your cat is an adventurer, a wanderer, or a playful climber, Cat Tree provides an all-in-one solution for their natural behaviors.

  • 100% Natural Solid Wood Materials: wood cat tree is made of natural wood density board with crafted workmanship, ensuring long service life. And each scratching post is covered by natural sisal ropes that are safe for cats to scratch without damaging your own furniture.
  • Thicker Post & Maximum Safety: The cat tower for indoor cats is equipped with multiple big sisal scratching posts that can not only protect your delicate furniture from scratches but also ensure safety to hold all platforms firmly without any wobbling. Also, the wide and heavy base provides overall stability.
  • I Do Believe Your Adventurous Cats Will Love It: 145CM multi-platform structure of cat trees can meet your feline’s climbing, scratching, sleeping, and exercising nature. Cats can lie on the top perch looking out of the window and sunbathing, or scratch sisal posts to sharpen their nails.
  • Lovely and Lively Designs: The 4-layer tall cat tree for large cat is designed with a roomy condo, an unique plush basket, offering a luxurious napping experience. The cat condo hangs 4 mouse toys which will add extra fun for cats.
  • Large Cat Tree & Easy to Assemble: The modern cat tree measures 50 × 35 × 145 cm(L x W x H) and each layer can hold up to 5kg, so it is suitable for large cats, big cats, heavy cats or multiple cats. Furthermore, with detailed graphic instructions and customer support for hassle-free installation.
Colour: Beige
Material: Board, Sisal, Plush
Overall Dimensions: 50×35×145cm
Height: 145cm
Weight Capacity: 25kg

Package Contents:
1 x Cat Tree
1 x User Manual

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