Advwin 23L UV Electric Towel Warmer Cabinet

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With its transparent door and double shelves, this towel warmer disinfectant is ideally suited for use in hotels, homes, spas, and restaurants. It comes equipped with ultraviolet lamps that emit UV-C rays to destroy 99% of all germs and bacteria that might be living on your towels while the ozone feature eliminates any unpleasant odors. 

The anti-corrosive stainless steel body, coupled with high-temperature protection, ensures your towels remain free from moisture, extending their life and giving you an ideal warmth that soothes your body.


  • High-temperature Disinfection: With the combination of ultraviolet & ozone, this towel warmer cabinet can reach 70±10℃ and effectively kill bacteria on towels, offering hygienic and safe towel use for families, hotels, beauty salons, and restaurants.
  • Sturdy Design: Made of stainless steel interior and durable construction, this double-layered disinfection cabinet features a single visible door, providing ample storage space to support your daily activities while maintaining a modern and sleek design.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: The heating system of this towel warmer is energy-efficient, resulting in lower running costs and better value for money. It is perfect for those who want to save energy while still enjoying the benefits of a heated towel cabinet.
  • Convenient to Use: You just need to plug it to the 220V-240V power, put the wet towels in and close the door slightly, and push down the ON/OFF button, hot towel machine can be warmed quickly and evenly to up an average of 70℃±10℃, ensuring that your towels are always comfortable and warm when you need them.

Color: White
Capacity: 23L
Heat temperature: 70±10°C
Capacity: Double Shelves
Product size: 45×27×35.5cm
Inner liner size: 37.5 × 19.5 × 25.5cm
Net weight: 5kg
UV lamp power: 3W
Lamp wavelength: 254nm
Lamp life: 20000 hours
Rated power: 210W
Power supply: AC 220V-240V
Rated frequency: 50Hz

How to use: Place the moist towel over the layered shelve and switch on the device by pressing the power button, and wait for the device to heat the towel thoroughly. After heating, remove the towel and enjoy its soft warmth.

Package Content:
1 * Hot Towel Warmer
1 * User’s Manual

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