Advwin 2500W Water Pump With Pressure Controller

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Are you still worried about low water pressure? When it comes to dependable water supply, there’s nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Power it up with our Water Pump. It is the perfect solution where constant on-demand water pressure is needed at the opening and closing of any tap.

Our water pump is particularly useful for garden irrigation, farm irrigation & home water supply, commercial entities, or any situation where pressurized water is consistently required. Fully automatic operation on/off controller. Make an investment in quality equipment for your home or business.

Powerful 2500W self-priming pump
Garden irrigation, farm irrigation & home water supply
100% duty cycle – Designed for continuous operation
Rust-resistant stainless steel pump body w/ cast iron ends
Fully automatic operation on/off controller
Huge 65m head – Ideal for applications over two stories
Anti-corrosive alloy motor housing, ceramic and carbon seals— High-quality seals to ensure leaks within the pump cause any issues.
Built-in thermal protection- – Even if for some reason the cooling system is blocked, the pump can protect itself from failure
Efficient cooling system- the pump can run cool and quiet even under high loads and continuous operation.
Highly conductive copper motor–Efficient & low heat generation
Corrosion-resistant brass connector- This pump can run cool, and quiet and provide energy savings at the same time.
Leak-proof rubber ring-The pump connections to the house or shed are high quality, meaning long life and no troubles.
Easy connecting plug and cable
The fully automatic pressure controller
Adjustable start-up pressure
Australian standard cable and plug
No water shutdown function
Ideal for residential (external use) and commercial use

Maximum Power: 2500W / 3.5HP
Maximum Flow: 12600L/H
Maximum Head: 65m
Brass connector: 1”
Inlet/outlet: 1”
Casing: stainless steel
Motor: Copper wire
Protection class: IPX4

Controller :
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50
Maximum current: 10A
Maximum water temperature: 60℃
Max working temperature: 90℃
Maximum working bar pressure: 10 bar
Protection grade: IP65
Inlet and outlet size: 1” (25mm)
Dimensions: 18 × 13× 3.5cm
Color: Yellow

1*Water Pump
1*Pump Controller

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