Advwin 2600W Petrol Commercial Chainsaw

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Advwin Petrol chainsaw makes quick work of all your tree cutting tasks. Dead wood, overgrown trees and overhanging branches can all be cut with lightning speed. Its high-speed, low-kickback chain cuts through wet or dry wood without a hitch.

* Effortless Starting: Uses a spring assist and quick spark injection so that a short pull of the starter cord get your saw running.
* Air Injection: The centrifugal air cleaning system removes dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter, resulting in fewer air filter cleanings and improved engine life.
* Fast Cutting: Idle speed 3000RPM, high speed 11500RPM. fast cutting of branches and trunks.
* Automatic Oiler: Delivers a steady supply of chain lubrication for safe and effective use.
* High Quality: Equipped with 20" sturdy bars and chains with good wear resistance, steel + ABS for material.

Engine: 1-Cylinder,2- Stroke, Air-cooling
Displacement: 62cc
Rated output power and speed: 2600W/7500RPM
Fuel/Oil mixture ratio: 25:1
Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
Oil tank capacity: 260ml
Guide bar size: 20"
Chain pitch: 3/8 0.325"
Gauge: 0.058"
Color: red black
Material: Steel + ABS
Weight: 6.1KG

1x 62cc Chainsaw
1x Bar Chain
1x Tool Kit
1x Oil Bottle
1x Guide Bar
1x Cover Guide Bar
1x User Manual

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