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Craving an ice drink on a hot summer day?
Have a smart ice maker for all your cooling needs.
It is simple, intelligent, convenient and fast, and can meet your needs for ice cubes in a short time. Let you have a cool experience anytime, anywhere, whether at parties, bars or offices.Whether it's iced coffee, iced juice, or iced cola, you can always get it!

  • Efficient output: 12kg(26LBS) of ice cubes can be produced every day, and 9 ice cubes can be quickly obtained in 6-8min.
  • Indicator light warning prompt: There is an add water light indicator, so you don't have to worry about the damage caused by no water or too much water, and the ice full light indicator makes it unnecessary to wait beside the machine all the time.
  • High-quality thermal insulation protection: The high-quality thickened foam layer makes the ice cubes keep warm for a long time, meeting the needs of long-term ice use.
  • Simple operation: Simply select the ice cube size through the control panel to start making ice.
  • Humanized design: The transparent ice machine cover can easily see the quantity of ice cubes in the ice basket or check the ice making situation.
  • Low noise: Powerful compressor cooling will not produce bad noise and will not disturb your resting life.
Product Size:23*30*30cm
Produce Output:12kg (26lbs) Per Day
Operating Cycle:6-8min
Ice Basket Capacity:0.6kg
Inside Reservoir:1.2l
Ice Shape:Bullet
Ice Cube Size:Small & Large
Cooling Method:Compressor Cooling
Indicator:Add Water & Ice Full Light Indicator

Package Includes:
1 x Portable Ice Maker
1 x User Manual
1 x Ice Basket

Tip: After receiving the product, please let it stand for 24 hours before turning it on.

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