Advwin 3 Panels Foldable Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate

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Size: 61cm
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Advwin freestanding pet gate with 2 support feet, no need tool assembly, made of rich white finish which is elegant will add modern design to your home.
What are the benefits of this free-standing dog door?
Keeping dogs out of certain areas is only one of several reasons why you might want to consider using a foldable dog gate. There are actually a number of situations where it can be a good idea to set up a pet gate that keeps your dog confined.

◎Keeping multiple dogs separated from one another
◎Keeping your dog away from a young infant, or vice versa
◎Keeping your dog away from your cat’s stuff
◎Keeping your dog confined temporarily, with more freedom to roam than a dog kennel
◎Protecting your dog


  • 【No Assembly Required & Easy setup】 Fully assembled and ready-to-use in 30 secs. Just extend the wooden dog gate and place it anywhere as a pet divider. Indoor Barriers are perfect for your small puppy.
  • 【Folding With Flexibility & Saving Space】 Easy to use folding structure. Design with a dual-sided folding system, allowing U/Z shape folding. 3/4-panel and the 360-degree hinge allow easy storage and saving space.You can fold it up and store it in cupboards, under the bed or simply tucked away out of sight.
  • 【Robust Structure】Advwin Foldable Fence built with Density board and durable dual hinges. With 2 support feet, provide extra stability and prevent tipping of these solid support feet.
  • 【Fashion & All-match 】This dog gate’s white color easily matches a variety of home decor and adds a premium feel.
  • 【Create A Safe Quarantine Area】Keep your dog in the area of your home you desire with the help of the Free-Standing Gate. This easy-to-set-up gate can keep your furry friends away from the living room, bedroom, fireplace, doorways, hallways, kitchen, Christmas tree, and so on.

Color: White
Material: MDF
Wood strip spacing: 4cm
Door thickness: 1.5cm
Support feed length: 29cm
Open Dimension: Width*Height*Thickness: 152*61*1.5cm/152*91*1.5cm
Folded Dimension: Width*Height*Thickness:50*61*5.4cm/50*91*5.4cm
Packing size: 60*12*68cm/60*12*98.5cm
Net weight: 6.6/9.2kg

Package Included:
1* Freestanding pet gate(3 Panels)
2* Support Feet

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