Advwin 400pcs Pet Training Pads Super Absorbent

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Product description:
Advwin Training Pad is the perfect solution for successful house-training! With its high-quality 6-layer design, it offers superior absorption.The built-in attractant helps direct your dogs to the pad, ensuring quicker and better housetraining results. The leakproof bottom layer protects your floors. It's also treated for antibacterial protection and neutralizes odors. Suitable for puppies, sick or aging dogs, and for providing comfort during transport or when outdoor access is limited.

6-Layer Design
High quality soft non-woven fabric
Super absorbent pet pad
Antibacterial protection
Tear resistant covers
Leakproof PE bottom layer
Neutralises odours
Cover a large area
24 hours of protection

Pad Size: 60cm x 60cm
Color: Blue

Package Contents:
400x Pet Training Pad

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