Advwin 45L Rubbish Bin Motion Sensor Trash Can

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Unlike traditional rubbish bin, sensor trash can does not need to touch the trash can lid directly, keeping your hands clean at all times. Especially when you are preparing to cook. It also helps keep the garbage bin clean if your hands get dirty. A win-win situation for you and bin.

The storage ring of this induction trash can can be taken out, which is convenient to install the garbage bag, put it on the inside of the bucket and cover it, it will not slip and not be exposed, say goodbye to the unsightly exposed garbage bag, and understand you better with intimate details!

Take this sensor trash can to your home or office today and enjoy an easier, cleaner, smarter life from now on.


  • Intelligent induction: Using advanced automatic induction technology, put your hand or garbage within 10cm, it will automatically open, and it will automatically close after 3 seconds. Convenient and hygienic, no need to bend over and free hands.
  • Good sealing: The lid fits tightly, effectively sealing the garbage smell and preventing the odor from emitting.
  • Battery indicator: When the battery is low, the yellow light will flash to remind you to replace the battery in time.
  • Wide range of uses: 45L large capacity, can hold more garbage. It can be placed in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, dormitory or laundry room etc.
Material: Stainless steel shell + ABS plastic smart sensor cover
Induction height: About 10 cm
Battery: 4*2A dry battery (not included)
Capacity: 45L
Color: White/Black
Size: 34*24.5*72cm
Weight: 3.1

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