Advwin 6L Automatic Pet Feeder 5G WiFi

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❣️Advwin – Intelligent Feeding, Caring for Pets❣️

Do you have feeding troubles when you have to leave home more than one day?

By automating this process with Advwin 6L Automatic Pet Feeder, it not only frees you up to do other things when your pet is expecting a meal but it also ensures the portions are always appropriate. And you can manage your pet’s feeding easily and no longer worrying about forgetting to feeding them on time.

  • 😸Smart APP Control: Automatic pet feeder is 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi-enabled, allowing you to program and monitor your pet’s meals anywhere anytime through the “Smart Life” APP for iOS and Android phones. What’s more, you can share the feeder with your friends and family, and let them help take care of your cat or dog when you are not free.
  • 🐱Scientific Feeding Plan: You can set a feeding plan, and schedule feeding time, up to 10 meals per day with 1-12 portions per meal(~15g/portion, Depending on the size of the food. In order to get more accurate feeding amount, it is recommended that you actually measure it)​. Check the feeding logs to rest assured your pet gets fed on the set schedule.
  • 😼Smart Notifications: The indicator light will flash to remind you when the battery level is low, when a blockage occurs, WiFi is disconnected, the feeder stops working or has other problems. Once the motion detector senses movement, You’ll get alerts on your phone so you can watch in real-time.
  • 😽Keep Foods Fresh: The safety lock cover lid on top of the pet feeder bucket and storage for dry packs to ensure that the dry food remains crisp, delicious, and safe. Meanwhile, it can prevent the food from being dumped over by pets. The bowl is made of food-grade, odor-free 304 stainless steel, which protects your pet from allergic reactions to plastic products and prevents the formation of black jaws.

Capacity: 6L
Food Type: 5-10mm Dry Food
Auto Feeding Meals: 1-10 Meals/Day
Feeding Portions Per Meal: Up to 12
Feeding Type: Manual, Auto
Power: 5W
Rated Voltage: 5V 1A
Dual Power Supply System: Power Adapter Priority / 4*AA Batteries (spare)
Product Size: 19cm x 30cm x 33cm
Net Weight: 1.4 KG

Package Content:
1 x Automatic Pet Feeder
1 x Instruction Manual


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