Advwin 8L AC/DC Portable Fridge Mini Refrigerator

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Want to have a picnic with family and friends on a hot summer day? Cooler and warmer electric box can also be your travel partner.

When you travel, getting cold drinks is priceless. Whether you're on the road or on the beach, this cooler and warmer keeps your food and drinks cool and refreshed without the need for ice packs! It can bring you cool drinks in hot summer and warm food in winters with cold wind blowing.No matter in outdoor hiking traveling by car or in traffic jam, you can enjoy plenty of drinks and foods at a proper temperature.


  • 8L Cooler and Warmer: Our large capacity fridge has plenty of space to pack everyone's favorite foods. Great to use anywhere in your home, nursery, office or dorm room, vacation, and parties.
  • Multi-Function: This mini fridge can Keep food, drinks such as sandwiches, soda cans, etc. Easy to go from indoor to car use by plugging the appliance into the car 12V adapter.
  • Convenient: This Mini Fridge is stylish, lightweight, compact and fully portable, can fits easily into car trunks or seats for bulk-free travel, make your travel more convenient.
  • Friendly Design: Energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100% environmentally friendly.

Type: Mini Fridge
Capacity: 8L
Colour: Blue
Material: PP (polypropylene), Handle:ABS (firmly features)Working Voltage:DC 12V AC 220-240V
Power Consumption:AC/DC WARM:59W/50W,AC/DC COOL: 64W/53W
Plug: Australian standard
Cooling System: Double
Door Style: Single Door
Heating Temperature:55-65° by the thermostat
Product Size: 26 * 18 * 29 cm
Batteries Required: No
Installation: Freestanding
Heating Temperature: up to 65°
Maximum cooling performance 15° below ambient temperature.It can reach 4 degrees)

Tips: This product is a fresh-keeping refrigerator, which has no freezing function and cannot store ice cream.

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