Advwin Abdomen Roller Round Abdominal Muscle Trainer

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Want to exercise your abdominal muscles? This abs wheel is a good choice.

Use this abdominal muscle wheel to provide better support for the back, the movement is not easy to move, and the quality of the movement is better controlled. It can focus on the strength training of the abdominal muscles, and it is not easy to use force to reduce the pressure on the lower back.

  • Better protection:With knee pads, you can better protect your knees.Will not be scratched due to knee sliding during use.
  • Exercise anywhere:Low quality, small size, can be taken anywhere at will.Very convenient to use at home or in the gym.
  • Friendly to novices:Whether you have a fitness foundation or not, this Ab roller wheel is very suitable.
  • Great choice:If you want to exercise your abdominal muscles, highly recommend this abdominal muscle wheel



Material:ABS+Steel Pipe+Rubber


Max Weight Capacity:150kg

Package Include:

1*Abdomen Roller Round

1*Knee Pads

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