Advwin Adjustable Height Cat Scratching Post

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😻Advwin’s Cat Trees for Endless Adventures!

Cat trees are designed to satisfy cats’ instincts to climb, scratch, and perch. Providing a multi-level playground for our feline friends, platforms, and perches provide a comfortable place to rest or observe their surroundings. Cat scratching posts wrapped with natural sisal rope provides an outlet for cats to scratch and keep their claws, thus making your furniture immune to the scratching instinct. Whether your cat is an adventurer, a wanderer, or a playful climber, Cat Tree provides an all-in-one solution for their natural behaviors.


  • Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree with Adjustable Height: The whole cat tree consists of 6 levels of platforms, the tension rod on the top can be adjusted to a preferred height from high to low(230-245CM) to accommodate room ceilings. No Need to Drill Holes in the Ceiling, the reinforced catback base and fixtures at the top can hold up to 60kg for a more stable tower. It fully uses vertical space, not only satisfies their nature of looking out from a high place, enhancing their sense of security but simulates a wild environment, cats can experience the feeling of climbing trees in the wild at home.
  • Flexible Design: The scratching post of the cat tree is 360°rotable, when you find one side is worn, you can turn it over and use it on the other side. The Cat platform can be freely combined, you can DIY a spiral ladder for your cats. Moreover, you can remove or add some of the posts to change their height(Comes with two extra posts: 10cm/20cm). A total of 9 cat scratching sisal posts are tall enough to fit in most houses.
  • Thicken Posts for Better Sturdiness: Posts on this cat tower are thicker than those in the market, and the diameter of posts is increased to 12cm, adding significant sturdiness to the structure and longer life cycle. All posts are covered with natural sisal, which is beneficial for cats to form a good habit of scratching. The bottom area of the floor to ceiling cat tree is only 40×40cm, so you can use it even in a small space. You can settle the cat tree to somewhere away from your furniture so that there will be less scratches added to your expensive furniture.
  • Exercise and Physical Activity: A 6-tier platform design cat tree with higher vertical space can provide excellent enrichment for cats. The diving board is made of 1.5cm thick wood with added fencing to provide a safer jumping platform for your cat kids. Premium space capsule, good transparency, provides cats with a larger field of vision, always paying attention to every move of the cat.
  • Easy Assemble & Issue-Free: It takes about 10 minutes or less to have the cat tree scratch post installed. When installing, press down the main body of the cat tree as hard as you can, then rotate the rod up to the maximum length to withstand the ceiling and lock it until the cat tree no longer shakes. For any questions on the cat tree towers, you can contact us directly, the seller is always here and ready to help.

Colour: Wood
Material: Board, Sisal
Overall Dimensions: 40×40×(230-275)cm
Weight Capacity: 60kg
Product Weight: 15kg
Height: 230-275cm

Package Content:
1 x Cat Tree
1 x Assembly Manual

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