Advwin Air Carbon Filter 6 Inches For Duct Fan

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If you are trying to remove strong smells or harmful gases from your home, you are in the right place.
Advwin carbon filter adopts Australian raw living carbon, which has better micropore and surface area rating. Each carbon molecule is magnetic to attract passing molecules. It is widely used in hydroponics, planting rooms, kitchens, smoking areas and other ventilation projects.

  • Powerful performance: Made of Australian high microporous living carbon, advwin air carbon filter is designed to capture gas molecules and maintain sufficient airflow in the ventilation equipment of the hydroponic system.
  • High quality Australian carbon: Due to the optimal surface area of each carbon particle, rc48 carbon captures three times the average level of air pollutants.
  • Excellent odor control: Porous activated carbon helps to eliminate some of the most undesirable pungent odors and particles in indoor planting tents and hydroponic planting rooms, and prevent gas pollutants from invading bathrooms, basements and kitchens; It can also absorb the smell of pets, smoke, cooking smoke, etc
  • Removable pre filter cloth: Equipped with pre filter cloth, it can block 99% particles, prevent the air carbon filter from blocking, and keep it clean; It is recommended to replace the pre filter every 6 months to protect your filter and ensure good service conditions.
  • Widely used: It is very suitable for planting tents, planting rooms, basements, garages, kitchens, smoking areas, air-cooled lighting, the lower floors of double / three-story houses, window to window ventilation applications, or any place without roof / ceiling cavities
  • Ppcotton pre filter: Each carbon filter includes a pre filter cloth to keep the carbon bed free of dust, mold spores and other particles. Removable, machine washable.
  • There are two working modes: It can be used as an inlet or exhaust filter with a 4 "in-line duct fan, and as an inlet or exhaust configuration together with the in-line duct fan.
  • Perfect match: For best performance, we recommend using MDF, mfif, silent or appropriate size extractor series duct fans with your carbon filter.
  • Reversible Flange and Base: The positions of the flange and bottom can be exchanged to reverse the charcoal canister, allowing the filter’s main body to be flipped upside-down for an exhaustive smell filtration and a long service life
Filter Type: Tubular
Applicable object: air
Filter type: activated carbon adsorption
Colour: Silver
Duct Opening: 6”(15cm)
Length: 16"(41cm)
Airflow Rating: 400-450 CFM
Material: Aluminum + activated carbon
Carbon Thickness: 38mm
Charcoal Carbon Grade: RC-48
Pre-Filter Material: PP Cotton

Installation and use tips:
1. Unpack and clean your filter with a damp cloth outside and away from your grow space before installation. Fine carbon particles inside the filter tend to shift during transportation, the best way to clear them out is to blow out the filter outdoors by pushing your fan's airflow into the filter and out to the environment.
2. When installing your Carbon Filter always minimize the distance between the fan andthe filter. Avoid having excessive ducting, turns or elbows in the airflow between the filter and the exhaust fan.
3. For best performance attach the fan to filter in such a way, so that dirty air gets pulled through the filter and into the exhaust air duct. Sequence of equipment: Carbon Filter> Duct Fan> Exhaust Duct.
4. Clean the surface of your filter and wash the pre-filters regularly to prevent dust and debris fromclogging the surface of the filter.

Package Included
1pc*carbon filter with Aluminum Top and Bottom
1pc*Machine Washable Pre-Filters(random white or black color)

1.Use one Pre-Filter at a time. Wash Pre-Filter every 2-3 month or after completion of each grow cycle.
2.There will be black activated carbon residue on the inner wall of the air filter, please be careful not to let the residue stain your hands or clothes when taking the product.

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